A FearLess Invitation

The Make Fear Less Project invites you to do just that: Make. Fear. Less.

How would you turn the concept of fear, or the word itself, into the most friendly, innocent, innocuous, least scary thing possible?

See, we’re looking to make fun of fear. Show it for what it is. Put it in its place.

How? That’s totally up to you and your wildly creative mind.

A sculpture of Satan made of teddy bears maybe? Great.
The little girls from The Shining recut with a Jason Mraz song? That works.
The word “fear” spelled out large-scale, made completely of balloon animals?
That restaurant napkin, doodled with a bolt of FearLess inspiration?
Why not.

Any medium, any expression, any size – anything that makes fear less.

We’re planning to feature the resulting creations as an integral part of the TEDxAustin: FearLess experience. Depending on the scale and scope of what you make, you may find your project showcased on our website, shared via social media, or displayed in and around the Circuit of the Americas during the event.

All you’ve got to do is put yourself out there. FearLessly.

FAQs (FearLessly Asked Questions)

What type of executions/mediums are you looking for?
Any form or medium, and any size or scale. From crayons to colossal, we’d love to see it all.

How do I submit an idea?
Photographs can be posted on our Facebook page, or on Twitter to the attention of @TEDxAustin. Videos can be uploaded onto YouTube, and tagged #TEDxAustinFearLess. Alternatively, you can send materials to info@tedxaustin.com.

Feeling really ambitious and itching to create something installation-piece-worthy out at Circuit of the Americas? Send a proposal that best represents what you’d like to do to info@tedxaustin.com (And see the follow up question re: larger projects below!)

Can it be something I’ve already created?
It depends, but isn’t encouraged. We’re interested in pieces created specifically with FearLess in mind.

When is the deadline to submit something?
Keep ‘em coming right up to the day of the event on February 9, 2013.

What should I avoid?
Nothing. (This is FearLess…) Well, okay, if it’s completely offensive we’ll need to talk.

Say I have an idea for an installation or larger project – what should I do?
Please send a proposal asap about your idea to info@tedxaustin.com to the attention of Jeff Sharpe. Make it concise and descriptive – just enough for our design dream team to get a sense of how it might fit within the vision for the day. (Who are these superstars? A wild and varied mix of creativity with experience that ranges from architecture and design, sound design, music, fine arts, and curation.)

Will I receive any payment?
TEDxAustin is a purely volunteer-driven, non-profit event, so any work is pro-bono. Depending on the proposal, we may be able to match you with a sponsor for resources, or to offset your costs.

Who has ownership of the piece I create?
You do.


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