An Insider’s Guide to TEDxAustin Simulcast Event

This year, we’re introducing our first official TEDxAustin simulcast at the CompassLearning facility! You’ll be surrounded by fellow TEDxAustin enthusiasts and interact digitally with your friends at Austin Music Hall.

Why a simulcast?
Each year we strive to find a balance between demand for seats and desire to preserve the intimate setting at the LIVE event. There are so many dynamic people in this community we’d love to invite to the LIVE event but can’t due to limited capacity. To address this recurring conundrum, this year we’re hosting a high-caliber, TEDxAustin interactive simulcast event at a location nearby. For free!!

Tell me more about the official simulcast, please…
Hosted by CompassLearning, the simulcast will be centered on the live stream of the TEDxAustin 2012 live event — a day full of dynamic, carefully curated speakers and performers. But, this will be more than a screening. We’re designing this as special event in and of itself. Most excitedly, you’ll be sharing this day with active and remarkable people who applied to TEDxAustin and clearly appreciate the magic of sharing a big idea. Just as you do.

How do I register for the simulcast?
The simulcast is special event for those who applied to attend TEDxAustin LIVE. Registration for the simulcast opens Dec 15th. You must register by January 11th, 2012; after that we cannot guarantee your seat and will open it up to others on the waitlist. Also, when you register for the simulcast, you’ll be placed on the waitlist for the LIVE event at Austin Music Hall. The earlier you register, the higher you’ll be placed on this waitlist.

What if I am invited to the LIVE event?
If room allows, you will be sent an invitation asking you to register for the LIVE event and purchase a ticket for $100. These will go out late January. If you accept, your name will be taken off of the simulcast list and that seat will be offered to another on that waitlist.

We are excited to share a great day with you! At both the Live and Simulcast events, there will be a diverse and engaged audience of thinkers and doers eager to come together for an inspiring day of learning and connecting!


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