An Insider’s Guide to TEDxAustin

Whether you’re attending TEDxAustin for the first time or returning for your third:

An insider’s guide to an experience beyond measure.

1.     Arrive Early. Stay Late. Doors open at 9AM and we recommend arriving around then. We encourage you to stay through the party as well – that’s where so many of the best connections are made. It’s a long day, but we promise to keep it stimulating and you’ll have plenty of food (an event itself!) and breaks to keep you nourished. You won’t want to miss a thing!

2.   Leave your laptop (and all the rest that look and feel like that) at home. And we encourage you to keep your cell phone in your pocket. This is a one-of-kind day and we invite you to allow yourself – and sitting those around you — to be fully present. To enjoy the rare opportunity to keep your brain on one channel at a time and really be in this immersive and fascinating experience. The speakers and performers have worked hard to make the most of every minute they are sharing and they merit your full attention. And while we know it is tough to save your tweets and posts about the event until after you’ve engaged / connected / felt your entire life change, you can remind others they can watch it for themselves via our live stream.

3.     Talk to strangers. We work as hard to curate our audience as we do our speakers. Take advantage of it and reach out to another passionate, engaged fellow innovator with big ideas. We guarantee you’ll find out something fascinating about them, just as we did. TEDxAustin is not only a place to absorb ideas, it’s a place to exchange and connect over them as well. Make a new friend, rebel, or thought buddy and your experience will step up to the next level.

4.     What should I bring? Your amazing self! And a notepad so you can jot down all of those stimulating new thoughts you’ll be having. A reusable water bottle is always handy (we are working to make the event as sustainable as we can).  Dress nicely but comfortably. It’s a long day!

5.     How can I share the event with my friends? We’re encouraging anybody we weren’t able to invite to watch the live stream of the entire event from our website at

We can’t wait to see you!


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