Frequently Asked Questions for LIVE STREAMING


Why am I being asked to download the Flash Player?
Websites that contain Flash content require the Flash Player. A message asking you to download Flash Player comes from either the website you are viewing or from your browser.

Most browsers come installed with Flash Player, so you may already have a previous version of Flash Player installed. You may still need to update to the latest version if the website contains features that require a newer version. For best results, download and install the latest version from Flash Player Download Center.

If there is a Flash Movie object on the page, Microsoft Internet Explorer users will see a window requesting a download of the Adobe Flash Player. This message is a default feature of the Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer called “Install on Demand”. If you wish not to see the window in the future, you have two options:
• When prompted, choose Yes and install the Flash Player.
• Disable the Microsoft Install On Demand feature in your browser.

Even though I have all the system requirements, why can I not see or hear any videos?

1. If you launch the player on Windows 98 while other audio applications—including but not limited to mp3 players—are running, you may have trouble hearing the video’s sound. If this is the case, close your browser and all audio applications. Restart your browser and return to the video.

2. If you are behind a firewall, check to see if you can get to popular sites on the Internet like Google. If you cannot, check your connections. If this does not solve the problem there may be a problem with your connection to the Internet, we recommend that you contact your service provider. If there is no problem getting to the sites like Google, then you may have certain ports locked down on your firewall.

If you are experiencing problems accessing streaming video content, it may be that you are behind a firewall that prevents access on certain ports. Firewalls are security programs that block unauthorized traffic to and from your PC. If you are on a corporate network, please check with your network administrator. If you have a personal firewall installed on either your home system or on a home network router (firewalls are sometimes pre-installed with ADSL or cable modems), then refer to your product’s documentation on how to allow access. Due to the large numbers of possible products and setups, we are unable to troubleshoot your particular firewall connection problems for you.

Streaming requires open port 1935
Flash Player requires incoming and outbound access on port 1935 and 443 to stream correctly. You should configure your firewall to either have these ports open (for all applications to use) or to allow Flash Media Player to be a trusted application. Please consult your firewall documentation on how to do this, as we cannot provide support to do this.

Can I use dial-up Internet access?
The quality of the video clip you are watching mainly depends on two factors: (a) the speed of your Internet connection and (b) the bit rate (speed) of the video clip. The faster the bit rate of the video clip, the better the quality. However, the speed of your Internet connection will limit which video clip bit rate that you can watch. For example, if you only have a 56kbs dial up connection to the Internet, the highest video clip bit rate that you will be able to watch will be 56kbs or less (most likely less as the majority of dial-up connections only get speeds of 28kbs or less due to phone line issues). If you try to watch a video clip with a bit rate of 300kbs over a dial up connection, the video will not play.

It is important to note that even if you have a high-speed (DSL/ Cable Modem/ T1), Internet traffic congestion affects your connection speed and/or video performance. You will get slower or faster speeds at different times depending on peak or off-peak use hours. You may also get slower speeds during the morning and afternoon, but faster speeds late at night when fewer people are online. Also, streaming quality decreases when multiple people share the same Internet connection (e.g. at work or on a home network).

A dial-up connection is not recommended because our live video stream is being broadcast slightly above 500 kbps. We recommend you have a minimum Internet connection of at least 700 kbps to enjoy our service.

Why does my video choppy and have to rebuffer frequently?
Your Internet connection is probably not fast enough to keep up with the bit rate of video you are watching. Currently, there is only one bit rate available for live Flash video.

Why isn’t any video showing up?
This usually means that you do not have the needed version of the Flash player installed on your computer. Please download the latest version, install it, restart your web browser and try it again.


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