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TEDxAustin 2013: FearLess

Date: Saturday, February 9th 2013
Program: 10am – 6pm
Location: Circuit of the Americas

FearLess Timing

FearLess | Risk More
10:00am – Noon
Anne Mahlum, Andrea Alù, Faith Dickey, Graham Reynolds, Eric Horvitz, Elizabeth Andoh

FearLess | Share More
Noon – 1:30pm
(What’s this? Learn more!)

FearLess | See More
1:30pm – 3:30pm
Michael McDaniel + Jared Ficklin, Joel Selanikio, Laurie Frick, Darden Smith

FearLess | Do More
3:30pm – 4:15pm

FearLess | Add More
4:15pm – 6:00pm
Jeff Sharpe, Jamie Pennebaker, Jia Jiang, Robyn Metcalfe, Nancy Giordano, Graham Reynolds + Bill Burgess, Byron Reese

Getting More FearLess

In 2013, more than ever, we had some terrific ways to engage with the entire TEDxAustin community:

> Photos & Videos
Pictures from the event have been loaded onto our Flickr stream and videos of our amazing speakers whose talks changed the way we think are up on our YouTube channel.

Check out our FearLess Reads
We’ve created a virtual bookshelf on Pinterest of crowdsourced suggestions for books that have inspired people to fear less, to become fearless, or to actually fear fear less. We’d love to hear your thoughts on any or all of the selections. (We’re looking to include some comments in the FearLess Reads bookstore that will be on-site at the TEDxAustin event!)

Make Fun of Fear
The Make Fear Less Project invites you to do just that: Make. Fear. Less.
How would you turn the concept of fear, or the word itself, into the most friendly, innocent, innocuous, least scary thing possible? Whether your creation is crayon or colossal; teeny or humongous; any medium and any expression is welcome. Follow the link for details and FAQs.

> Jump into big brainstorms
Opal Brainstorms is an engaging, intuitive social application enabling teams to collaborate around ideas, problem solve and unlock innovation potential.  In 2013, they teamed up with us to extend and expand the conversions that are bound to ignite around the ideas at TEDxAustin.

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Enjoy the ride!

Because that’s what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.


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