Lunch at TEDxAustin: FearLess is seen as another opportunity
to share a big idea. Deliciously.

Japan-based chef Elizabeth Andoh has explored the ancient Japanese culinary tradition of Washoku with six reknown Austin chefs to present this year’s XLunch—a partnership with Whole Foods Market, Dell, and our favorite local food friends.

Using local ingredients, our chefs demonstrate their interpretation of her teaching principles, including how we deliciously Fear Not and Waste Less through practices that naturally tend toward good health and environmental sustainability. Our meals are lovingly served by the emerging chefs of Natural Epicurean in environmentally sustainable bento boxes sourced by Dell, whose FearLess commitment to sustainability reaches far beyond your laptop as they collaborate with partners like Unisource Global Solutions. We appreciate all who contributed generously to this inspired—and inspiring—lunch.  Nourishing on every level.  “Itadakimasu.”

Nadine Thomas, Executive Chef, W Austin
A native of British Columbia, Canada, Nadine Thomas began her career at the Owl’s Nest Dining Room, rated one of the top 100 fine dining rooms in Canada. She brought her commitment to combine healthful, seasonal fare with Austin’s abundance of locally grown and crafted components to Trace and W Austin.

A Louisiana native, Valerie Broussard spent 11 years in New York City as a chef, food stylist and writer. Valerie joined W Austin as Forager, sourcing local ingredients from nearby farms, and cheeses, cured meats, jams and even hot sauce from artisanal producers.

Chef Sonya Coté
Hillside Farmacy

For Chef Sonya Coté, Executive Chef of Austin’s Hillside Farmacy and The Homegrown Revival, cooking is more than just putting food on a plate, it’s about creating “edible pieces of art.” She utilizes locally grown products for freshness and nutrition, and she’s passionate about educating future generations.

Chef Rich Taylor
Quality Seafood Market

A man with many talents, Chef Rich Taylor learned to cook at the Cajun-themed Andrew’s Restaurant in Addison, where everything was made from scratch. Graduating from the University of Texas, Chef Rich worked at GM Steakhouse; butchering, grilling, and grinding were all part of the fun. Now at Quality Seafood, he is re-engineering the clam section and getting creative with soup. How about a bowl of Texas Bouillabaisse?

Chef Jeremy Barnwell
Barnison Catering & School & Rawson-Saunders School

Jeremy’s love of food began with a childhood spent hunting and cooking while visiting his grandparents’ dairy farm in Northeast Texas. In 2008, Jeremy began Barnison Catering, which provides an organic and local farm-based lunch program for Austin-area private schools. Barnison Catering’s mission is to educate kids about the entire food system through organic school gardens, cooking classes, and composting.

Chef Eric Nelson Brown
2 Dine 4 Fine Catering & of Swoop Events

Chef Eric recently moved from coastal Mexico where he lived without cable and watched TED instead! As the founding chef/owner of a Latin-inspired, fresh-from-the-dock sushi restaurant, he served a fresh sense of possibility and innovation in his menu design. Pull up a seat at the Swoop House, 2 Dine 4’s supper club venue, where you can ask Eric about any TED Talk released in the past three years—chances are he’s already seen it.


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