Team TEDxAustin

It takes big doses of courage and commitment to put together this experience. This team of rock-star professionals generously shares its talents, never acknowledges the word “no,” and is always looking for a way to make something extraordinary happen.

Executive Producers

Nancy Giordano | Licensee + Chief Idea Wrangler | Play Big Inc
Shawna Butler | Co-Curator + Engagement Catalyst | Ibex Group
Jeff Sharpe | Creative Director | JS WorkShop
Ben Quirt | Application + Registration Architect | Accenture
Olivia Sharratt | Event Design + Logistics | Liv By Design
T. Kelly Shores |  AV+ IT Director | Sparksight
Jenny Magic | Communications + Voice | SiteGoals

XPlore Producers

Bill Burgess | Creative, Video + Sound Design | Uplink Industries
Leanne Valenti | XLunch Execution Lead | Rhyme & Season
John Cook | Partner Development | WakaNINE
Chris Czichos | Architecture | Circular Energy
Rachel Guest | Design | Red Earth Designs
Jett Butler | Graphic Design | FODA studio
Brent Dixon | Design + Interactive Curator | The Habdash
Clay Odom | Studio MODO
Eric Standridge | Architecture | Blerk! Industries
Justin Field | Design + Interactive Installations | Blue Genie Art Industries
Graham Reynolds | Sound Design | Graham Reynolds
Kristin Bender | Graphic Production Lead | AdPeople
Jennie Chen | Food Impresario |Trendline Interactive
Lindsey Gregory Tyner | Webmastery | Alt Creative

Associate Producers

Dan Moser | Attendee Application + Registration | Accenture
Andrew Kalemba | Attendee Application + Registration | Accenture
Lisa Apfelberg | Viewing Parties + Bookstore | Africa Leadership Bridge
Emily Torgerson | Day-of-Specialist + Post Production | I & O

Speaker Champions

Jason Sugawa | Talk Slide Design | Clutch Creative
Travis Rutledge | Speaker Support

with generous and visionary coaching support from:
Margaret Keys, Nancy Graves, John McGrath, Justin Follin, Steven Tomlinson, Barbara Miller and Flint Sparks

Producer Support

Oliver de Albuquerque | Partner Support | Gerson Lehrman Group
Olga Sion | Project Manager
John Hawkins | Technical and Team Support
Lisa Roe | Viewing Parties + Bookstore
Katie Krause | Liv By Design
Trammie Anderson | Pinterest Storyteller

TEDxAustin Team Champions

We appreciate all you have shared along the way:
Paul Thornton | Circuit of the Americas
MariBen Ramsey, Paula Lange | Austin Community Foundation
Melissa Moloney | Accenture
Kane Sutphin | TreeHouse
Simon Hjorth | AdPeople


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