We’re looking for a little tough love.

This is a brand-new website for TEDxAustin, and it comes with many new features – including this blog. And we want to hear what you think about it all. Truly.

That’s because one of our goals in moving TEDxAustin forward is to generate a deeper dialogue with our community. Yes, we’re already over on Facebook and Twitter, and we enjoy exchanging ideas and comments with folks like you there.

So why blog?

To enjoy a little more real estate, as it were. To have a centralized place where we can settle in for a longer conversation that doesn’t get lost each time we hit “refresh”. To have an easily accessible archive of interesting and informative content.

We’ll focus on what’s inspiring us in the TED world and beyond; “ideas worth sharing” within our Austin community; follow-up on TEDxAustin speakers and performers; any and everything that feels driven by the spirit of TED’s “ideas worth spreading”.

Anything else? Insights? Comments? Suggestions?
Tough love – as well as love love – are all welcome here.

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